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Caporetto • Kobarid 1917-2017 @SMO

“Caporetto • Kobarid 1917-2017”, an animated educational video produced by SMO and ISK for the SMO museum in San Pietro al Natisone, Italy, on the occasion of the 100 years anniversary of the battle of Caporetto/Kobarid. The 20-minutes long painted film covers the battle of Caporetto, the largest disaster for the Italian army in World War 1, and the historical reasons that defined the north-eastern border of Italy in such a culturally mixed region.
The video is hosted in a specifically designed projection booth inside the museum:

text: Giorgio Banchig
Slovenian translation: Ziva Gruden
animated paintings: Cosimo Miorelli
narrating voices: Antonella Bukovaz (ITA), Anja Medved (SLO)
music and sound design: Etta Aman Tribute
field and voice recordings, mix, master: Andrea Blasetig
video editing, compositing, postproduction: Riccardo Bernardi

produced by SMO/ISK in 2017