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Im Märkischen Sand – Nella sabbia del Brandeburgo

Webdoku über ein Massaker an 127 Italienischen Zwangsarbeitern im April 1945.

Webdoc sul massacro di 127 lavoratori forzati italiani nell’ Aprile 1945.

Over the winter of 2015 and early spring of 2016 I was involved in the creation of a complex project investigating the facts and heritage of a war crime that took place in Treuenbrietzen, a few kilometers from Berlin. I created several “moving image” sequences to illustrate the historical chapters of the webdoc and worked intensively with the German-Italian production crew, which provided me with reference materials, guidelines, directions and obviously the scripts. The music scores and sound design were later created by Andrea Blasetig and Stefano Fornasaro. All credits and information can be found on the project’s website and Facebook page.


Below a couple of links to the videos and some screenshots.


cosimomiorelli imidoc massacro


cosimomiorelli imidoc