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New People

– New People –
Animation film, full length 18 minutes. English, Danish and Greenlandic narrating voice.

A poetic storytelling as entrance to research dissemination. The overall focus is imagination and storytelling as catalyst for human as moving beings.
On one hand the film is based on Knud Rasmussen’s 1902 expedition to Greenland and the tales he gathered from elderly inuit. On the other it was inspired by a scientific discovery: a research team led by Eske Willerslev sequenced the genome of a 4,000-year-old man from the Saqqaq culture of Greenland from his hair. This was the first ancient human genome to be sequenced.


Researcher: Eske Willerslev, Professor- and director at Centre for GeoGenetics, Natural History Museum/University of Copenhagen

Visual Artist: Cosimo Miorelli

Producers and directors: Steen Rasmussen and Sia Søndergaard/IMAGIN8

Artdirection and videomapping: Lasse Andersen/Darkmatters:

Sound: Thomas Richard/Audiogangsters og Ellen Holck

Cameraman: Aleksander Hørup

Venues: National Museum of Denmark, Viborg Animation Festival and Nuuk Nordisk Kultur Festival

Host at venues: Tor Nørretranders, Science writer

Supported by: The Animation Workshop/VIA UC, Viborg Municipality and Ministry of Higher Education and Science