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RESIA folksongs and fairytales

Animated videos from the exhibition “Folksongs and fairytales of the Resia Valley”, hosted by Museo della gente della Val Resia, Stolvizza (UD – IT).
The exhibition focuses on the rich and ancient mithology of the Resia Valley, a beautiful Alpine area with a unique tradition, its own Slavic language, music and history.
I created 12 animated short videos together with musician Antonio Della Marina to illustrate some of the fairytales featured in the exhibition. As the tales were often long and complex we were asked to express only a taste, a glimpse of the story in our work, leaving the actual narration to the texts and images that composed the exhibition’s setup. Our videos were placed inside the replica of a “travelling closet”, a sort of wooden backpack called “Krosnja” which was used by the people of the valley who traditionally travelled to sell small goods and sacred images all over the Balkans and eastern Europe. Two video monitors were embedded in the wooden artifact’s top and side droors and would play the videos if opened, thanks to an electronic sensor.

The Exhibition is free to visit until October 2018 in the Museo della gente della Val Resia, Stolvizza, UD.
Thanks to Luigia Negro, Donatella Ruttar, Roberto Dapit and all the museum staff.

Below some of the animated videos and screenshots.