Cosimo Miorelli , trentaduedentirotti


This “illustrated journal” has come to life during my relocation from Venice to Berlin. This crucial movement, which absorbed my energies and imagination for many months, triggered my desire to fix on paper a series of stories, memories, past impressions and hopes for the future. I worked with little planning and tried to be as playful as I could, trying different media and solutions for each part of the book, just like memories are filed under different moods and colors in our “life-catalogue”. A natural tendency for stratification and “boundless storytelling” gave to the final work its density and dream-like mood.

Trentaduedentirotti has been presented at “Lucca Comics and Games 2013”. The book, 64 full color pages, 21x28cm, is currently published in Italy by Editori del Grifo and can be easily purchased on the online shop of the publishing house.



Among the many sources of inspiration and help, I would like to mention Luca Caratozzolo for his careful work on the graphic layout of the book and writer Enrico Palandri for the beautiful introduction he wrote for the Italian edition.