cosimomiorelli; cosimo miorelli; czm; illustration; live-painting; livepainting; digital; utopia; stefano Bechini; stefanobechini; diver; palombaro


Life is the only possible journey.
Open your eyes for the first time and you’re already traveling. Over the years you’ll learn to move in many directions, including present and future…
Then you dive into the deep side and start swimming through places where time has no sense.
At this point you can decide whether to stay or to go. The magic, however, only happens if you first decide to dive.
Still, ”Most men would rather not swim before they can” (Novalis).

UTOPIA is a live-multimedia-storytelling created with Italian musician and composer Stefano Bechini. The performance originated from a music album project Bechini is about to release. UTOPIA was first performed for AREA-Festival dei Beni Comuni 2015.


Below some screenshots and pics from the lates UTOPIA performance at TrappolaAcustica, Mount Amiata, Tuscany. Photos by Elena Morosini