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This city, maybe more than others, is a large, continuous construction yard. A forest of cranes besieges the central districts although no neighborhood is really safe, no empty land-lot is to be spared.  Buildings are demolished and rebuilt frantically and so are the dreams of people who live here.

baustelle is a live-multimedia-storytelling performance in which projected digital painting (Cosimo Miorelli) and music (Hannes Buder) act as complementary narrators, weaving a storyline across atmospheres, figures and sounds. A journey that explores the surreal landscape of a growing city, climbs up scaffoldings and colossal cranes through an uninterrupted flow of painted images and improvised music..

Live-multimedia-storytelling in collaboration with guitar player and composer Hannes Buder

Performed in the intimate setting of HAUS, Berlin, November 2015

Below some screenshots and a couple of stage photos by Maria Silvano